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Road trip food

Just returned from a quick road trip adventure and wanted to share our road trippin’ food. We have had to make several trips this summer, each one was around 4-6 hours one way. I plan and prep as much food as I can beforehand to save on costs. We usually stay in hotels with at… Continue Reading →

The job is not done, but I’ve have to lie down.

About two months ago I was diagnosed with hypermobility spectrum disorder. I’ve been living with fatigue and other symptoms for several years. Several symptoms were present earlier on my life, but it’s been more of an issue in the last five years. Living with fatigue is tiring… Baa-dump-cha! Really it does get old after awhile…. Continue Reading →

Chicken Drop Biscuits

WIC comes with a lot of baby food for infants 6 months old to 12 months old. Our youngest was not super big into purees, he preferred to gnaw on everything else. Like shoes. Lots and lots of shoes. So, I came up with this recipe as a way to use up the meat purees… Continue Reading →

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